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Trauma Informed Coaching

First and foremost, I am a certified trauma informed coach through Moving the Human Spirit -- the only trauma informed school registered within the ICF (International Coaching Federation)


Aside from letters behind my name here, I have worn these shoes. I am a survivor of childhood trauma which led me to experience and choose these same patterns in my relationships. I have survived a physically violent marriage as well as an emotionally abusive marriage. I have come out the other side with a renewed passion to help people get educated, heal from trauma and understand how their truama informs the rest of their life.

I am also the co-founder of the Wayward Women Podcast (here) - a show that educates about domestic violence as well as gives voice to trauma survivors and allows them to share how they've healed and how they are now thriving. 

I know the tools that helped me move forward and I know healing is possible for you as well.


Trauma is complex.

Trauma can come from many areas, and affect all areas of our lives. Whether it was childhood trauma, relationship trauma or physical trauma. Some people feel their trauma wasn't "as bad" as someone else's. Trauma is trauma. It causes us to view the world through a skewed lens (our "trauma goggles"), creating patterns and coping skills to feel safe in the world. The more we do this, the more anxiety we actually bring into our lives.


Let me help educate you and help you understand how to "re-wire" your brain allowing you to create new, healthier patterns, accept what is, and take your power back in order to create your best life. 


How to



1:1 Coaching is a powerful tool to create a new life and move forward.



The Wild Feminine

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