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If only kids came with a manual.

As we all know, they don't. 

Many times we have the best intentions as parents. We want to be the best parents but often our own issues, traumas, judgments, & biases, get in the way.

A dear friend of mine who is a child therapist has told me "Every parent needs a coach"

The more we balance YOU, the more bandwidth you have to become the parent you want to be. As a parent, the ultimate goal should be to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted kids who go on to become productive kind world citizens. We should want to be better parents than our parents were, and raise kids who are better humans than we are, thus paying it forward and truly helping create a better next generation.

Most times, it's not only the kids that need the help, it's the parents too.

I have raised two amazing world citizens as a single mom from the age of 16. They are now 26 and 20, Both are Wildland firefighters who are healthy, happy and better humans than I could ever hope to be myself.

Areas of Care

Parent Coaching
Coaching for Teen Girls

Parenting is the highest honor, having an opportunity to create the next generation and pay it forward to humanity.


Parenting is not about YOU.


Coaching available to help parents heal their own wounds in order to get out of the way. Teaching you to protect and nurture your kids to be who they are meant to be.

I had no parents guiding me as a teen. I became a mother at 16. What a long painful journey in order to get where I am today. I want to be the coach to teen girls I wish I had! Teaching them to be their own woman, comfortable in their skin, chasing their dreams and building their confidence using mental fitness techniques and valued action lessons. 

When my 20 year old was a teenager I remember him saying that he felt like he was driving at night without the headlights on and he needed me to be his guiding light since he didn't have a dad around.

Today, both of my kids are thriving from the work we did when they were at their most vulnerable age: The teen years.

Help your teenage daughters level up with 1:1 coaching!

How to



1:1 Coaching is a powerful tool to create a new life and move forward.


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