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Relationships are at the core of who we are as people. With coaching, most clients specifically seek clarity and connection in their intimate partnerships. 

Relationships are an evolving organism. They are living and breathing and growing and we need to treat them as such. As much as we strive to be the best we can be, we can still experience hiccups within our relationships or allow them to become stagnant, losing the awe and respect and nurturing they deserve. We can take them for granted.

Many times it's in these romantic relationships that old childhood wounds are triggered. Many times when we are met with issues within our romantic relationships we don't have the tools to use to react in a healthy way. 

When we coach around this, we can bring our relationships and our emotions/tirggers from the subconcious to the concious and learn tools to choose how to grow from this and move this energy forward. 

Anatomy of Relationships

Lets take a quick look at what healthy and unhealthy can look like in relationships

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Unbalance can look like....

  • Jealousy/Insecurity

  • Control

  • Affairs and secrecy

  • Inconsideration/Entitlement

  • Lying/Distrust/Gaslighting

  • Lack of communication/Disrespect

  • Not comfortable to be yourself/walking on Eggshells

  • Abandoning self

  • Feelings of Anxiety in the body 

  • Feeling unheard or unseen

  • Uncontrolled emotions (yelling, fighting, name calling)

  • Blame/Shame

  • "Shoulding" each other/nagging

  • Abuse of any kind (emotional, physical, financial, sexual, verbal, spiritual)

Balance can look like....

  • Ease of being together

  • Laughter/ Fun

  • Calm/Clear communication

  • Sense of effortlessness

  • Comfort of being yourself

  • Acceptance of self and the other partner

  • No push/pull -- straightforward, no games

  • Desire to support eachother 

  • No competitiveness, wanting the other to succeed

  • Support

  • Care

  • Consideration of each others time/feelings

  • Trust within self and partner 

How can 

Coaching help?


Relationships can be our best teachers. Through them, we learn we can never change another. We can change self. How we react. Understand why we react. We can make new choices based on healthier data. 


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