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Free to be YOU.

I like to think think that coaching picks up where therapy leaves off. Therapists manage mental illnesses and diagnoses, coaches do not. Often therapists are focused on the past and present, while coaches are future-oriented.


As a coach my goal is to encourage clients through change, guiding you to reach goals, practice mental health, learn tools to better your day to day life and create a life you want to live.


The beauty of a coach is that we can help individuals in different areas of their life. Because each human being is different, your needs and goals will be as well. While I am formally certified as a trauma informed coach, I enjoy working with clients on all aspects of life that are inter-connected. 

Live Coaching:
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Areas of Care


Life is not linear. We all have many hats we wear and different avenues of life we may want coaching around. All of our life is integrated and interconnected. 

How to



1:1 Coaching is a powerful tool to create a new life and move forward.


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